My First Post

It’s the summer before my senior year and I am running out of time to waste time. In just one month, I will be back in high school as a senior finishing my last year of school before college. My stomach drops every time I think about college applications. Back in May, when school got out, I spent a whole week doing nothing but relaxing and sleeping. After a week of pure R&R, the stress from school subsided. But that feeling of tranquility didn’t last long. I started panicking about college. I’d wasted the vast majority of my years in high school not trying hard enough. I always justified it by saying “compared to her, I do more” but I couldn’t use that as an excuse anymore. It didn’t matter if she was doing less, her future is not my future. Nothing about my resume is impressive. I’m the epitome of mediocrity. Anyways, I was determined to changed that. I planned to study everyday for the ACTs, volunteer for different organizations, and check off the multiple activities on my bucket list. However, as I’m approaching the one month mark before school starts, I’m realizing that I haven’t used my time as efficiently as I hoped to- if at all.

Yesterday, while my best friend and I were doing school work at a coffee shop, I began reading a book called “How to Be a High School Superstar” by Cal Newport. I’m only about ten pages into it but it’s given me so much hope. It’s kind of banished the misconceptions I had about the requirements needed to get into college. I realized I shouldn’t be stressing so much on the lack of extracurriculars I have but instead focus on creating passion or “interestingness” and stick with that. I’m telling myself it’s not too late.

So that leads me to my why I’ve created this blog. I’ve always loved anything related to beauty, fashion, fitness, food, diys… the list goes on. In 2008, when I found the beauty community of YouTube, I became obsessed. These famous beauty gurus were making videos called “June Favorites”, “Room Tour”, “How to do a smokey eye”, etc.  At one point, I even made my own videos and gained 15 subscribers in a span of a week! Shortly, I deleted my channel because I realized it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. My desire to share my passion for beauty, fitness, food, etc. has never faded though. Now in 2014, with so many people making unoriginal videos and copying the famous beauty gurus, I’m choosing the more “unconventional” route (or I think it is). I can blog about the things I’m passionate about. I think blogging will be more personal and offer me more options. Plus, since writing has never been my forté, blogging will help me become a better writer.

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