Week in Pictures

Happy Sunday! I was inspired by my favorite blogger, Cupcakes and Cashmere, to create my own series, Week in Pictures. It’s a spin off of her series, Five Things. It’s fun to see someone else’s life through pictures.

IMG_8687Urth and Lemonade are cafes that are so raved about so I was excited to go to Urth Cafe when I went to L.A. on Thursday. I was a little disappointed though; the food was good but not worth the hype.

 IMG_8667  IMG_8660

These photos were also taken in L.A.. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the restaurant but it was near Korea Town. Food was tasty, server was cute, and they sold macarons- my guilty pleasure.

IMG_8727I spend a good amount of time at Barnes & Noble. I’m not the biggest reader but coming here always motivates to read more and I’m more productive when studying.

Can you tell how much I love food? For dinner one night, I made roasted red pepper and asparagus quinoa. The meal was delicious and adding my favorite sauce, Cholula made it perfect. Here is the recipe.

This week has been a lot of fun. I went to L.A. to meet a college counselor who really changed my perspective for the better in many ways. I’ve spent my nights with friends staying up till 4 in the morning, just messing around and being teenagers. My best friend got back from her vacation in Vancouver. And yesterday, my dad came from Dubai (where he lives) so I’m enjoying my time with him. Life is good. 

Oh also, completely random but I think it’s necessary to say: I’ve become obsessed with Vampire Weekend and I deleted my twitter! I’m still involuntarily typing twitter.com into my url box from habit, but I’m so glad I deleted it cause it was a distraction and I think it’s stupid how much time I spent “stalking” someone else’s life.

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