Trip to San Diego

This past week, I decided to go on a spontaneous 4-day trip with my two best friends to San Diego. I haven’t been in years and thought what better time to go but the week before school starts? We ended summer with a bang and feel perfectly refreshed and relaxed for school. Our plans worked out perfectly, we had a blast, and we barely spent any money!

We stayed in downtown San Diego and everything being so close to each other was very convenient for us. At night, we would get dressed up and walk to Little Italy for dinner. For anything else that was too far for walking, we called an uber (cab).


Mission Beach was definitely the highlight of our trip. We went the second and last day. I’ve never used so much tanning lotion in my life (whoops). Going in the water was the best part- we were wimps in the beginning, but within minutes we were swimming out farther and farther. My favorite part was swimming under the big waves and jumping over the small waves. My eyes stung and the water was disgustingly salty (duh), but I couldn’t stop giggling the whole time we were in the water. Next time, I definitely want to bring a boogie board with me.


IMG_9024 2

The second day, we took a ferry to Coronado. There, Chloe’s grandparents picked us up and gave us a tour of the naval base. Then, we drove to downtown Coronado. Alana mentioned Moo Time and when Chloe and I told her we never heard of it, she was shocked and told us we had to go there. Best decision of my life, Moo Time is an incredible ice-cream store. I got birthday cake flavor (as usual) and got a huge slice of cookie dough mixed in. Holy crap, I’ve never tasted anything better.


On our last night, Alana’s grandma made the most delicious meal: salmon, salad, spinach, and asparagus. She let us have wine and I definitely got a bad case of the “asian glow”, haha.



The next day, Alana and  I took a train to Los Angeles. I will be going to L.A. a lot the next few months to meet my college counselors. They’re just guiding me in the right direction for college. Everyday, I wish I tried a little harder in my junior year and my desire to go to USC grows stronger.

This trip was definitely one of the most memorable trips I’ve had and I still can’t believe how smoothly everything turned out. There were no issues with transportation, money, weather, etc. I love my friends so much and am so grateful to have them in my life.

IMG_9237 IMG_9239

(I apologize for the bad camera quality) 

On a side note, school starts for me this coming Tuesday and I’m honestly very nervous with the social aspect of school. Maybe I’ll go into detail in a post in the future (about making/losing/keeping friends), but I’m basically starting the school year without a friend group. I do have friends at school -more like acquaintances, but the friends I always used to hang out with are no longer my friends so I’ll be making new friends this year. I get out at 11:30 everyday so at least I don’t have to think about who to sit with at lunch. Worse comes to worst, I’ll be forced to focus on my work, so I guess it’s a win-win situation.


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