Happy Holidays!

It’s 10:30pm on my birthday (christmas eve) and you’ll never guess where I am. I’m sitting on the plane sitting first class, slightly tipsy because now that I’m 18, I get to drink wine on flights! I’m on my way to London right now for a layover and a crew member offered to move up my seat. Birthday perks. Thanks British Airways! To be completely honest, I spent a good part of my day moping about how crappy my birthday was. Basically none of my plans worked out the way I had hoped, but as I’m writing this blog post, I don’t know why I complained. I’m beyond fortunate.

Last night, my best friend Nicole and I had a sleepover and we exchanged our gifts this morning. She put so much thought into it and I love her and our friendship. We laugh till our stomachs hurt and we tell each other everything. After, my family and I went to Olive & Ivy– amazing food, best service from the most incredible waiter. I love FOX restaurants.Then, you’ll never guess who I ran into. The Amber Fillerup! She and her family are so sweet and even better looking in person- didn’t think it was possible but it is. Then I saw her again at the airport!! I wish I could’ve talked to her longer.


So random, but I wish you could see what I’m seeing right now. There’s this kid sitting across from me and he’s been trying to get my attention all night. He says he’s a sophomore from California, flying unaccompanied. He doesn’t know the difference between AM and PM and he’s gotten in trouble many times from the flight attendants for fooling around in his chair. But regardless, I’m not bothered- I think it’s freaking hilarious.

I’m happy as a bumblebee lol. Happy holidays and I really do plan to blog more regularly in 2015- I promise! 



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