Things That Sound Freakin Awesome

This post was inspired by my sister’s post on her amazing blog. I’m always daydreaming about all the fun things I want to do in the near future and frankly, that’s what gets me through my day. All these photos (but the first) is from Pinterest. Guys, I don’t know what I’d do without Pinterest- I love it.

  • Learning how to surf in Hawaii and spending a summer there
  • Graduating high school tomorrow – I was beyond ready to leave last year
  • Receiving a big fat acceptance letter from USC with good financial aid – a miracle if it happens

IMG_1138  c823caa81566eed804a5c54275fc9889  93d2795a60fc8554a1505ebd81a0727c

  • Creating my own business whether it’s expanding my blog or having my own store/shop (so many ideas)
  • Studying abroad in Paris and becoming fluent in French
  • Traveling all around the world and documenting the entire trip
  • Working out and seeing results

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  • Having my own cozy, beautiful home and hosting lots of parties and gatherings
  • Discovering hidden gems- coffee shops, stores that sell cheap and cute clothes/jewelry
  • Taking amazing pictures on my new DSLR
  • Creating videos for my future Youtube channel (love JacksGap and Jay Alvarrez’s videos)

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  • Traveling with my soulmate

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  • Buying, wrapping, and gifting presents for friends and family
  • Tanning and swimming against giant waves. San Diego was so much fun..
  • Camping, roasting marshmallows around a bonfire, laughing all night with friends
  • Spending all day listening to music and drawing/painting, taking photos, blogging, practicing yoga

SONY DSC  59226562eb1b11d257266c7f18505ff0  bc374291e3702fb775aeb2d889086a0e

  • Making these things a reality… it’s going to happen! 🙂

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