NARS Sheer Glow Foundation & Radiant Creamy Concealer

Sheer Glow 1

Sheer Glow Foundation: $45, 1oz 

  • It leaves a glowy, satin finish. I know it says sheer but I would say it’s medium coverage and very buildable.
  • I usually apply a base layer to cover most of my redness and blemishes and then apply a second layer to any problematic areas. It feels very light on the skin.
  • It’s meant for very dry to normal skin. I have combination skin; my T-zone tends to get very oily while my cheeks are dry.
  • Doesn’t leave a scent, doesn’t break me out.

Stromboli is for medium skin tones with olive undertones. Syracuse is for medium-dark tones with brown undertones. I purchased Syracuse over a year ago when I was extremely tan from track. Stromboli’s color and undertones match me well.

On my face, the foundation looks great the first 3-4 hours; it starts out looking satin, then glowy after a couple hours. After that, my face looks oily. On me, the foundation lasts about 5 hours before it looks bad. However, on my best friend (who has dry skin), the foundation lasts all day. Her skin looks flawless whenever she wears it. Keep in mind, I don’t set it with powder and I do have combination skin.

Is it worth $45? If you have dry skin, absolutely. If you have oily skin, not so much. You’ll definitely need to set it with powder and touch up throughout the day. I do love the finish, but I will probably go back to Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation for the spring and summer. Also, there’s no pump which I find a bit of a rip-off considering the price.

Sheer Glow 2 copy

Radiant Creamy Concealer (Custard): $29, 0.22 oz 

I waited a while before buying this concealer questioning whether I needed it since I thought my foundation provided great coverage. I’m so glad I bought it. Because this concealer provides more coverage than the foundation, on most days, I will just use this for my face makeup. Although it stays on a few hours longer than the foundation, I still have the same issue where it starts to look oily. But considering that I don’t use a lot of it yet still get great coverage for at least 6 hours, I say it’s worth the money and I’d repurchase it. I use the concealer primarily for redness and blemishes, but I know others use it for under-eye brightening. I really like the applicator (similar to a lipgloss wand) and the concealer blends really well.