Done with High School // Travels to Korea and Newport Beach

In the majority of my blog posts, I say that I’ll be back with another post shortly- and that has to be one of the biggest lies. I initially started this blog with hopes to post content regularly, and I’m failing miserably lol. I’ll get better at it one day. It’s almost been a year since I created this blog and it’s fun for me to go back through posts and see what was going on in my life then. I was so fearful about senior year and college, but I am a high school graduate now!

I’ll do a post about what I learned from high school later on (not setting a deadline) but for now, I wanted to give an update on what’s been going on in my life! Rewind to the beginning of May:

I was hitting overtime at my job on most weeks while studying for AP tests.

Picnic Photoshoot LJC

It’s weird cause it wasn’t until the very end of high school where life just started getting better socially emotionally, mentally (everything). I started making more friends which made me sad thinking about missing graduation. Months prior, I made the decision to skip graduation night and go to Korea instead. Nonetheless, I bought myself a nice vlogging camera for my graduation present and headed to Seoul, Korea.

IMG_0179 IMG_0221 IMG_0452 IMG_0546

I toured lots of historical buildings, ate good food, caught up with friends and family, etc. I had such a wonderful time in Korea! I got along so well with my mom and we went everywhere together. Oh, the best thing about Korea? No tipping at restaurants.. lol. That’s what I took away from my trip hahah.

I stayed in Korea for 2 weeks and then went to Newport Beach, California right after. My parents are divorced and my dad doesn’t live in the States so he came to spend time with us. He brought his wife and my (cutest) little brother. We rented a beach house so on the days we weren’t at the beach, we went shopping, discovered cute restaurants, went strawberry picking, etc.IMG_0596 IMG_0617 IMG_0643 IMG_0685

IMG_0680IMG_0714Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 2.35.20 PM

After three weeks of traveling, I’m back at home and it feels so good. The traveling did me well in many ways and I feel rejuvenated. I have been so happy and feel incredibly blessed for all the positive energy and people surrounding me. High school hasn’t been the most fun, memorable chapter of my life, but that’s closed and I’ve opened up a new chapter.

This summer, I’ll be busy checking off my summer bucket list all the while interning at a company I’m in love with. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my summer so far.

Have a good weeekend! 🙂