Summer Reads and Movies

Happy July!¬†Let me know what your favorite books and movies are ūüôā ¬†Summer Bucket List 11. Paper Towns // I love John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars book and movie, so I have high expectations for this one. The trailer looks so good and¬†I¬†look forward to seeing both Cara Delevingne and one of my favorite actors, Nat Wolff.

2. The Knockoff¬†// A book about an editor of chief of a magazine finding her company ruined by her former assistant. It’s a total chick-flick and easy read.

3.¬†Ted 2¬†// I thought Ted 1 would be stupid, but it was surprisingly funny so I’m excited to see the sequel!

4. Peace, Love & Misunderstanding // It looks like a cute movie and Nat Wolff is in this movie (and Chace Crawford) haha.

5.¬†The Power of Habit¬†// I love self-improvement books so I thought¬†I’d give this book a try.

6. Dirty Rush¬†// Another easy-read type of book but I’m excited for this one. I’m thinking about rushing in the fall and reviews say that this book is exactly what a sorority is like.

7.¬†Heart Breaker¬†// A professional “heart breaker” is hired to break off the wedding of a couple and he ends up falling in love with the girl. I think the majority of this movie is in French which is what initially drew me into wanting to watch this movie. I’m really want to be fluent in French one day.

8. Lean In // Motivational, self-improvement book written by a very highly-respectable woman, Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook).

9. Trainwreck // So excited to see this movie. I love romantic comedies.