2016 Goals

Happy New Year everyone!! 2015 was awesome and I’m so excited what 2016 has in store for me. These are some goals/resolutions I want to work on this year. I may or may not continue to update this list throughout the year. Let me know what your goals for the year are 🙂

  • Wake up and go to bed earlier – spend more time in the morning preparing for the day
  • Drink more water
  • Be more spontaneous and say yes more often
  • Practice more yoga and mindful meditation
  • Don’t swear so much
  • Go somewhere or try something new once a month
  • Do an international trip with my own money
  • Spend my money more wisely
  • Take more photos and document more of my life
  • Live more in the moment and loosen up
  • Don’t flake on people and respond to texts faster
  • Only make promises I can make
  • Be kinder and more patient to myself and others
  • Improve my french and feel confident enough to hold a conversation
  • Learn how to use my DSLR (esp. in manual mode)
  • Take a coding class
  • Film and produce at least one video
  • Go surfing
  • Take a new profile picture for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Wear contacts for shorter amounts of time – my poor eyes are so bloodshot and dry by the end of the day
  • Read the news more and familiarize myself with presidential candidates so I can vote in the new year