2016 Goals

Happy New Year everyone!! 2015 was awesome and I’m so excited what 2016 has in store for me. These are some goals/resolutions I want to work on this year.¬†I may or may not continue to update this list throughout the year. Let me know what your goals for the year are ūüôā

  • Wake up and go to bed earlier ‚Äď spend more time¬†in the morning preparing for the day
  • Drink more water
  • Be more spontaneous and say yes more often
  • Practice more yoga and mindful meditation
  • Don’t swear so much
  • Go somewhere or try something new once a month
  • Do an international trip with my own money
  • Spend my money more wisely
  • Take more photos and document more of my life
  • Live more in the moment and loosen up
  • Don’t flake on people and respond to texts faster
  • Only make promises I can make
  • Be kinder and more patient to myself and others
  • Improve my french and feel confident enough to hold a conversation
  • Learn how to use my DSLR (esp.¬†in manual mode)
  • Take a coding class
  • Film and produce at least one video
  • Go surfing
  • Take a new profile picture for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Wear contacts for shorter amounts of time ‚Äď my poor eyes are so bloodshot and dry by the end of the day
  • Read the news more and familiarize myself with presidential candidates so I can vote in the new year

My Experience with Eyelash Extensions


After months of considering¬†eyelash extensions, I finally hopped on the bandwagon and got my first¬†full set of lashes last month.¬†Prior to¬†getting extensions¬†I used mink strip lashes from¬†Velour Lashes. Although I absolutely loved the¬†lashes¬†and¬†the¬†flexibility of choosing different styles for different occasions, I wanted a more permanent option. Let’s just say¬†I’m¬†obsessed with extensions and my morning routine is¬†so so¬†quick now.

Procedure:¬†On average, the procedure will take about 1-2 hours for a full set and 0.5-1 hour for fills (touch ups). Go into your appointment with no eye makeup on. Your technician will then have you lie down¬†and put on a sticky tape or pad under your eye so your lower lashes won’t get in the way of the application process. Unlike false strip or individual lashes that are applied¬†onto your lash line,¬†lash¬†extensions are individual lashes that are attached to the base of each of your natural lash with a glue.

Lashes¬†come in all length, density, and curls giving you the option to customize your look. You can opt for a cat eye look with longer lashes on the end or a doe-eyed look with¬†longer lashes in the middle. It’s entirely up to you!

My first set of eyelash extensions were C curls and classics. Classic lashes look more natural.¬†I don’t remember exactly what thickness and length she used, but I think she said she varied between 9-13mm lashes.¬†My second set were D curls and volume lashes. I felt like the C curls weren’t curled enough, but the Ds definitely fixed the issue. I really don’t need to wear any eye makeup with the volume lashes which is so nice. I¬†love¬†the look of the volume lashes but now that I’ve had both styles, I think I’ll¬†be getting¬†D curls, classic¬†in¬†the future.


Aftercare: Your technician will tell you how long you need to¬†wait before getting your lashes wet since curing time depends on the glue that’s used. Mine takes 4 hours to cure, however, I’ve heard some take as long as 48 hours (eeeekk)! My technician gave me two spoolies (lash brushes) and told me to comb through my lashes to shape and prevent clumps when needed.

Treat your lashes with some TLC if you want them to last as long as possible! A full set will probably last 6-8 weeks, but that’s assuming it’s not going to look anywhere as good as when you just got them. It’ll probably be very sparse by that point. Fills are recommended every 2-4 weeks, however these time spans are dependent on lash aftercare and growth which will vary by individuals.

I get my lashes wet when showering and washing my face, but just be sure to comb them out after. Never pinch them, just use¬†your spooly to comb them through. Don’t wear waterproof mascara or any oil based products ‚ÄĒ that will counteract the glue and cause breakage and/or fallout. Using mascara is not recommended, but I¬†do it every once in a while and have no problem! Also, make sure to use an¬†oil-free makeup remover.¬†I’ve¬†been a fan of¬†Neutrogena’s blue¬†makeup remover since I started wearing makeup; I’ve lost track of how many bottles I’ve used. Anyway, although it claims to be oil-free, it does have an oil layer in the middle which is why¬†I use Almay’s¬†makeup remover. I use a q-tip but word of advice, be careful when using q-tips and makeup wipes cause the lint can catch on to your lashes, easily pulling your extensions¬†out.

Two things that are not recommended but I did: When I first got the C curls, I didn’t feel like they were curled enough so I curled mine really carefully with an eyelash curler a few times. That’s recommended against, but I didn’t have a problem with it ūüôā I also wore false strip lashes¬†about 4 times with the C curls (again because they weren’t curled enough) and with that, I experienced¬†some¬†lash fallout when I took them off. Now, that being said, if you feel¬†like you need to curl your lashes or put on extra lashes, your extensions¬†aren’t probably curled or dense enough¬†(which is why I chose D curls the second time).

*first two photos: D curl, volume // last photo: C curl, classic

Cost and Worth:¬†Eyelash extensions aren’t cheap!! I thought about them for months before getting them. I considered lash growth serums like Latisse since they’re around the same price and an even more permanent option, but I knew the effects weren’t going to be anywhere near as dramatic as extensions. I was conflicted because I didn’t want to feel like I was¬†wasting money on something so expensive if I didn’t like it, but I’m so glad I got them. My suggestion to those who are considering eyelash extensions are, if you have the money and time, 100% try them out!! Now my college budget won’t be able to support this lavish beauty lifestyle for too much longer, but I will¬†definitely be getting extensions whenever I can ūüėČ

Places I Love in Arizona

As much as I love college, it was so nice going back home to Arizona for Thanksgiving break. I needed a week to relax and be with my family and friends. I missed all my favorite spots back home so I decided to share a few of the places I love in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area of Arizona. Also, for all these locations, parking is free.

Pinnacle Peak:¬†I absolutely love hiking because of¬†the workout and pretty¬†scenery. This hike is by far the most¬†beautiful¬†hike in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.¬†It’s a pretty easy hike but I was still a bit¬†sore the next day!¬†pinnacle peak.pngIMG_2281IMG_2279

The Henry:¬†A Fox restaurant never disappoints and The Henry is no exception. I usually go for brunch and sit on the patio or bar top. There are¬†plenty of photo opportunities¬†whether it’s a food pic or posing by the entrance so I’d go¬†camera¬†ready! As with any other Fox restaurant, it’s very busy so you might want to plan ahead and make reservations. Also,¬†there’s a designated area for people to work so you can¬†enjoy coffee and pastries while getting work done.¬†I’ve never worked there personally, but it seems like a very nice work¬†environment.¬†henry

Lux Central: Lux¬†and the library are the only places I’m¬†actually productive and get work done at. It has such a great work environment, making me feel so much more motivated.¬†There are also plenty of food and drink options ‚ÄĒ you have to get their mac and cheese, it’s to die for. It’s usually always busy, so it might take a few minutes¬†to find parking. I know this may seem obvious, but don’t park in front of the fire hydrant ‚ÄĒ¬†I got a parking ticket for it (the parking cops are merciless lol).¬†Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetlux1

Squaw Peak:¬†Squaw Peak has always been my go-to hike for a great workout. It’s not as scenic as Pinnacle Peak, but I like that it’s a tougher trail. It requires more balance and strength! This takes me about 1.5 hours to complete. Unlike Pinnacle Peak where the trail is smooth, this is full of rocks and stones so be careful!IMG_2284-1

Whether you’re a native to Arizona or just visiting the area, I recommend checking out these places! ūüôā

Summer Reads and Movies

Happy July!¬†Let me know what your favorite books and movies are ūüôā ¬†Summer Bucket List 11. Paper Towns // I love John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars book and movie, so I have high expectations for this one. The trailer looks so good and¬†I¬†look forward to seeing both Cara Delevingne and one of my favorite actors, Nat Wolff.

2. The Knockoff¬†// A book about an editor of chief of a magazine finding her company ruined by her former assistant. It’s a total chick-flick and easy read.

3.¬†Ted 2¬†// I thought Ted 1 would be stupid, but it was surprisingly funny so I’m excited to see the sequel!

4. Peace, Love & Misunderstanding // It looks like a cute movie and Nat Wolff is in this movie (and Chace Crawford) haha.

5.¬†The Power of Habit¬†// I love self-improvement books so I thought¬†I’d give this book a try.

6. Dirty Rush¬†// Another easy-read type of book but I’m excited for this one. I’m thinking about rushing in the fall and reviews say that this book is exactly what a sorority is like.

7.¬†Heart Breaker¬†// A professional “heart breaker” is hired to break off the wedding of a couple and he ends up falling in love with the girl. I think the majority of this movie is in French which is what initially drew me into wanting to watch this movie. I’m really want to be fluent in French one day.

8. Lean In // Motivational, self-improvement book written by a very highly-respectable woman, Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook).

9. Trainwreck // So excited to see this movie. I love romantic comedies.

Done with High School // Travels to Korea and Newport Beach

In the majority of my blog posts, I say that I’ll be back with another post shortly- and that has to be one of the biggest lies. I initially started this blog with hopes to post content regularly, and I’m failing miserably lol. I’ll get better at it one day. It’s almost been a year since I created this blog and it’s fun for me to go back through posts and see what was going on in my life then. I was so fearful¬†about senior year and college, but I am a high school graduate now!

I’ll do a post about what I learned from high school later on (not setting a deadline) but for now, I wanted to give an update on what’s been going on in my life! Rewind to the beginning of May:

I was hitting overtime at my job on most weeks while studying for AP tests.

Picnic Photoshoot LJC

It’s weird cause it wasn’t until¬†the very end of high school where life just started getting better socially emotionally, mentally (everything). I started making more friends which made me sad thinking about missing graduation. Months prior, I made the decision to skip graduation night and go to Korea instead.¬†Nonetheless,¬†I bought myself a nice vlogging camera for my graduation present and headed to Seoul, Korea.

IMG_0179 IMG_0221 IMG_0452 IMG_0546

I toured¬†lots of historical¬†buildings,¬†ate good food,¬†caught up with¬†friends and family, etc. I had such a wonderful time in Korea! I got along so well with my mom and we went everywhere together. Oh, the best thing about Korea? No tipping at restaurants.. lol. That’s what I took away from my trip hahah.

I stayed in Korea for 2 weeks and then went to Newport Beach, California right after. My parents are divorced and my dad doesn’t live in the States so he came to spend time with us. He brought his wife and my (cutest) little brother.¬†We rented a beach house so on the days we weren’t at the beach, we went shopping, discovered cute restaurants,¬†went strawberry picking,¬†etc.IMG_0596 IMG_0617 IMG_0643 IMG_0685

IMG_0680IMG_0714Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 2.35.20 PM

After three weeks of traveling, I’m back at home and it feels so good. The traveling did me well in many ways and I feel rejuvenated. I have been so happy and feel incredibly blessed for all the positive energy and people surrounding me. High school hasn’t been the most fun, memorable chapter of my life, but that’s closed and I’ve opened up a new chapter.

This summer, I’ll be busy checking off my summer bucket list all the while interning at a company I’m in love with.¬†I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my summer so far.

Have a good weeekend! ūüôā

Hair Routine & My Experience at Habit Salon

Growing up, I hated my hair because I had the curliest baby hairs that would literally be all over the place. I was always the girl¬†coming out of the hair salon bawling because the hairdresser cut it “too short.”¬†I don’t cry anymore (thank God) and my hair is actually my favorite feature now.

I dyed my hair by myself since¬†10th grade using a box-dye.¬†I used Revlon’s Colorsilk dye in medium ash blonde. I know it’s such a light color, but it’s the only shade that will lighten my dark asian hair. I did it every 4 months and I loved how lightening my hair made me look tanner and healthier. But over time, I got¬†bored and decided I wanted to sombre my hair (subtle ombre) and add highlights to it instead. I found Habit Salon through Amber Fillerup’s Instagram and I booked an appointment with Becky at Habit Salon. Check out their Instagram page; their work is amazing.

Habit uses a technique called hair painting. The nice thing about hair painting is that because the color is painted on below your roots, it grows out more naturally, requiring little maintenance. Becky¬†painted streaks throughout my hair with bleach and covered them in aluminum foils. After the bleaching process was done, she shampooed and toned my hair so it wasn’t brassy. I opted for a neutral/ash-y undertone, but I wish I went with a more caramel undertone like she suggested. I feel like the ash is a little too grey for me. So although I didn’t end up ombre-ing my hair, I definitely got gorgeous highlights. I’ll be booking another appointment soon so I’ll sombre it¬†then. I definitely recommend Becky and¬†you can see exactly how she¬†hair paints¬†in this video here!

IMG_0050 habitThe interior design at Habit is so chic!¬†Pricing depends on the skill of the hairstylist but hair painting starts at $90 and each additional bowl used for color is $15. I believe Becky’s starting price was $115. I¬†paid¬†$170 for the coloring alone.

f4fc444483f415dc3e6020dfd99430d3 The pictures below are prior to dying my hair at Habit Salon. In the prom picture below (taken exactly a year ago), my hair looks lighter than it actually was, but wanted to give you an idea of how long my hair used to be.

IMG_0084 This picture was taken about a month ago. My hair looks shorter than it is but it’s at chest level right now. I cut it back in November- shortest I’ve gone in a while- but it’s grown a lot since.¬†Short hair was so nice for a change, but I think I’m going to grow it out again. IMG_0052 The products below are ones I use daily or every time I style my hair. They all smell amazing.¬†After Party¬†has a lotion-like formula to it. I use it whenever I want to smooth out any frizz out of my hair. The leave-in conditioner from healthy sexy hair has replaced my old-time favorite one from “It’s a 10.” After I wash my hair, I spritz this into my hair and comb it through. The hairspray¬†and¬†heat tamer spray¬†are pretty self-explanatory and do their job very well. Now my favorite hair product in the entire world is Triple Sec by Drybar. I’ve recommended this product to so many of my friends.¬†It does all the three things I want for my hair: it adds volume, texture, and gets rid of any oiliness. It makes my hair look super tousled and smell amazing.

I try to wash my hair less, but I wash it everyday.¬†I use shampoo and conditioner from Orlando Pita’s Argan Hair Collection. My mom bought them at Costco two months ago and I’ve been using it since. I like the smell of them and the conditioner works well, but I won’t be repurchasing the shampoo.¬†I feel like it dries out my hair.


Anyway, hope ya’ll enjoyed this blog post and have a great day! I can’t believe it’s already May- 21 days till I’m outta high school and on my way to Korea! Also, I committed to a college but I’ll save that for another post ūüėČ

Love, Cait

Hola Se√Īorita // Spring Break

There are only 50 more days until I’m done with high school.¬†It’s weird because¬†I have been dreaming of the day I graduate since day one of¬†senior year but now that it’s rapidly approaching, my emotions are a little all over the place. Not necessarily in a bad way, just kind of a feeling of disbelief that I’m finally done with high school!¬†It’s funny to go back to my first few posts on the blog and remember just how nervous I was for college. But being the optimistic person I am, I knew everything would eventually figure itself out and fall into place. Unfortunately, nothing has fallen into place… yet. I didn’t get into my dream school, USC, which was to be expected but nonetheless, I can’t hide my disappointment.¬†Now¬†I’m debating between ASU and Chapman, but it kind all comes down to financial aid. Although I did get a great package from Chapman, I would still need to pay significantly more than I would at ASU. Either way, the plan is to still transfer¬†to USC after my freshman year of college. It’s weird cause now when it’s 11:11, I don’t know what to wish for.. Haha enough with the cheesiness.



Anyway, last week was spring break for me so I decided to take a trip up to Flagstaff and down to Rocky Point, Mexico. Both trips were a blast and totally opposite from each other. On Monday, I was all bundled up in my snowboarding apparel and by Friday, I was stripped down to my bikini.¬†Except for the fact that we were interrupted by people selling merchandise every couple minutes (literally), we enjoyed every second of our time at the beach, soaking up the rays, getting massages, going on banana boats, and drinking our pi√Īa coladas.

IMG_1676 copy



Have a great weekend everyone! ūüôā

Love, Cait